My Terrible Addiction (That I love so very much)

My name is Miriam and I have a terrible addiction. It consumes my very existence and I can't seem to shake it no matter how hard I try.  This curse, this obsession has taken over my entire life. I can't stop making things!  


I can't sit still. I can't stop creating. I don't really watch TV. Every once in a while I'll try to get into a series or a movie, but my mind will be still distracted the whole time thinking about my latest collection, some store I have to visit or flipping through Instagram.  When I am on the phone, I catch myself sketching baskets, benches, vases, planters, etc. Recently I realized that exactly 85% of my conversations revolve around my creations.  (The other 15% is about my dog.)  I even had a dream the other night where I had this enormous ceramics studio deep in the mountains of some fictional Wonderland and the mountains were made of clay and there was this river of flowing glazes of all kinds of colors...but, wait--I digress...where was !?  Oh yes, I suppose to understand all of this we should rewind a bit.


I've always had a curiosity about the things around me.  Growing up on the Costa Brava of Spain influenced me greatly and I often look to the sea, the mountains, and the forest for inspiration.  I started making things at a very young age. I can remember taking sculptures and drawings home from school to show my mum and I would continue class art projects in my free time instead of doing my homework.  That got me into some trouble, but I couldn't stop myself... 





I began traveling extensively around the world spending months in India, Australia, Costa Rica, England and Canada to name a few.  These travels affected me profoundly and made their way into my design thinking and inspiration.  Experiencing other cultures and exploring their history; the things they designed and the techniques they employed to make them filled me with even more curiosity and I, of course, kept making things.  Whether it was birthday presents for friends and family, tiny figurines made of plaster, homemade bird's nests or bags and bracelets made from recycled African fabric; I MADE IT.


This lead me to an interest in Jewelry design, and I became a Jeweler. I was able to channel some of my creativity into wearable objects using a variety of materials.  Years later I decided to study Industrial Design. The idea of understanding materials, how things are made, mechanical processes and techniques for making just about anything was extremely appealing to me and I quickly fell in love and knew I had found my niche.  My latest project is my ceramics and design company called Working in the Redwoods and so far I am enjoying the ride....


Is there something wrong with me? Maybe. But probably not. I have a sinking feeling that I am not the only one out there.  It's the "curse" of the maker.  All of us have probably experienced it to some degree either 100% or for a specific project or period of time.  My advice is to embrace it, run with'll thank yourself in the end. 




 To see more of Miriam's work visit her website.



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