A Window Between Worlds


When I founded CYL earlier this year, I wasn't entirely sure of where I wanted to go.  The only two absolutes were that I wanted to help other women feel supported and encouraged in their creative endeavors, and I wanted to find a nonprofit whose mission aligned with my own.

I found that with A Window Between Worlds.  AWBW uses art as a healing tool and a tool for empowerment. To better explain allow me to share from AWBW's 'Who We Are' statement:

"A Window Between Worlds uses art to transform trauma, creating a life changing space for safety, connection and healing. We make art accessible by serving as a hub of innovation, partnering with domestic violence shelters, sexual assault agencies, veterans organizations and other community sites using art to empower healthy transformations. AWBW's healing art program began when a Los Angeles artist brought workshops and training to residents and staff of thirty-two domestic violence shelters on a national summer tour. Today AWBW brings the Adult and Children’s Windows Programs to over 20,700 domestic violence survivors in the greater Los Angeles area and across 32 states."


Art has been my therapy, and I presume will always be.  I can fully get behind what A Window Between Worlds is doing.  Art helps everyone to express their feelings, let go of what ails them, it develops confidence, and gives hope.  The CYL community has been encouraging one another to express themselves creatively for nearly a year, and giving a sense of community and connection to something larger than the self.  My hopes are that this community can band together and pay it forward to AWBW. 

CYL has already hosted one auction to raise funds, and there are plans for future ones.  And there is plenty more for us to do!  AWBW holds art workshops, survivor's circles, and more--all of which I am working to get us involved with.  

This is an exciting time to be developing a relationship with AWBW!  2016 marks their 25th anniversary and they have created a ton of fun initiatives to bolster our efforts.  One of those being that all efforts we make to raise funds during 2016 will be matched!  So please look out for the January 2016 newsletter where I will be announcing all the ways to get involved and help this amazing nonprofit.

To close, thank you so much to this amazing community that has helped me become a stronger person, and thank you to A Window Between Worlds for giving me an opportunity to give back the support and love I have been shown.


All images courtesy of AWBW.

Grace Gulley