Finding Hope


It wouldn’t be a stretch to say I’ve always been a maker.  I couldn’t help it.... I inherited the maker gene from my mother, handed down at the foot of her potters wheel and sewing machine.  As a little girl was constantly making beautiful things, creating as I went.  Each summer I spent a week with my little cousin, Johanna, and her family in Florida.  I could depend on those trips to involve more making… making crafts, making food, making art, making music.  Our family was always making.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I love creating because I love beauty.  Beauty in the earth, beauty in the soul’s of my loved ones, beauty in my home, beauty in music, beauty in clothing, beauty in a springtime flower.  I am enamored with beauty.

And all that is well and good, but last year my close friend’s newborn baby moved from earth-side to heaven-side.  Staring into the face of that painful moment forced me to ask a paradigm-shifting question.

What about when life isn’t beautiful?   

What about when the mother says goodbye to her newborn baby?  What about when the daughter kisses her ailing mother for the last time?  Or when a woman struggles for years for a child that never comes?   What about when loss wears like sandpaper on the soul?

What do you do with your desire for beauty then?

And while I don’t have the answer perfectly, I do know that the ugly moments of life have inspired me to create a new and different kind of beauty.  A beauty that acknowledges the ugly moments of this world, recognizes the hardships we all face, and reminds the recipient that they are loved beyond measure.

It was with that heart that my cousin, Johanna, and I created laurelbox.  Our store is solely aimed at nourishing the heart of a hurting woman.  Our gifts are meant to bring a breath of community during life’s darkest moments.  Laurelbox gifts reflect our love for vintage design and natural living. Our items are infused with tenderness towards grief.  We have a line of commemorative jewelry, items to assist the grieving process, and holistic essential oils and teas for balancing the emotions after a loss.  Most items are made by hand here at laurelbox.  Our other products are sourced from small independent artisans who have joined with us to offer exclusive items that speak to a woman’s soul, body, home, and family.  

We know that no gift can ever replace the people we have lost, but we hope the prayers we pour over those touched by our company can be felt when you open a laurelbox.


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Grace Gulley