Interview with Jenny of Living Pattern


Grace Gulley: When people ask you what you ‘do’, how do you answer?

Jenny Kiker: I am a traditional artist who focuses on flora and fauna using watercolor, and ink. I sell original artwork. Prints and textiles coming soon!

GG: How did you get started in your medium?

JK: I use watercolor, gouache, and inks on cotton papers. I went to SCAD, majored in illustration, so that is where I started. 



GG: What’s your creative process?

JK: My creative process is a mix of drawing from life and pulling from imagination, then executing my designs with brush on paper. I focus on precision lines and manicuring color in my work. Subject matter is never a problem - my studio is a greenhouse and I keep a lot of reference books on nature. 

GG: Where do you find your inspiration?

JK: I grow most of my inspiration myself. My studio gets great morning light. I have developed quite the collection of cacti from my favorite nursery. I strongly believe in completely surrounding yourself with your inspiration. Recently, I've been working from a collection of photographs taken at Monet's garden in France. And of course, I got out in nature to find it myself! I also order all kinds of reference if I can't find it locally.

GG: What do you do outside of your craft?

JK: If I am not building my dream, I am with friends getting coffee, riding my bike, or decorating my studio.



GG: What is the best advice you were given when you started on your creative endeavor?

JK: The advice to never give up on your journey but be quick to give up on an endeavor. It takes bravery to abandon something that you've been working at for a long time.

I have been making art my whole life and my style has been on a longer journey than any cross country career move. 

GG: And for fun!  How would you describe the color yellow to someone who is blind?

JK: Feel the warmth of the sun, that is yellow. :)



To see more of Jenny's work visit her website or Instagram.

Grace Gulley