Connecting Through Art


Every artist, or lover of art, cannot deny that creative expression both draws out and deeply touches the most human part of us.  Art would not mean anything without the connection that it has to the brokenness and delight of our humanity; our compassion, our healing, our resilience, and our dreams.  Sharing art is sharing this connection.  There is so much power in that.

My story with art began as finding a sacred space for processing, healing, and restoring.  I started painting with watercolors in the middle of a five year stint of working with a community very dear to my heart, which was constantly in crisis.  Having a career in non-profit community work, you experience the very richest beauty of people, but see the constant reality of suffering and injustice in our world.  I found myself being worn down and broken hearted.  Watercolors became my sanctuary to “paint it out”.  Sometimes I would flood the paper and watch colors bleed together, other times I would script a proclamation about our human need for peace and connection.  Recently, I have found a joy in the therapeutic practice of painting florals, as beautiful and rich as they are.  It brings me peace and leaves me revitalized to go out and continue doing the work that I love.

As I have shared my art with those near and far, I have discovered that it carries with it a purpose of bringing strength, healing, and inspiration to others also.  As an artist you have that privilege, to pass on a message, or conjure up emotion in people.  It has been the greatest gift to be approached by friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike to paint messages or images of encouragement for family members who are ill, of celebration and love to best friends and partners, and to serve as warm reminders of home countries and languages.


Through this art, I have had a platform to spread messages of hope, love, and doing good, in a desire to impact peoples thinking.  It has been an avenue to use what I love to promote what matters to me most.

Art is about relationship and connection, and drawing out our humanity.  It translates into healing for the soul, and it ignites strength.  It connects people to each other and reminds us that we are truly in this life together.  I can’t think of many things better than that!


I would love to connect with you and hear your stories of healing and strength through art!  You can find me on Instagram @kristenaleida or at!           

images courtesy of Mackenzie Jean Photography. 

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