Pursuing Your Passions and Encouraging Others


There has always been a drive deep within me to create. The act of making feeds my soul. Ever since I was young I spent any moment I could drawing or creating something, with anything I could get my hands on, whether that was with pencil crayons, paints, cereal boxes or Lego. The medium wasn't important as long as I could make something with it. This is something that has not changed to this day. The act of creating connects me with my maker and gives purpose to my life and my work. 

I am so fortunate to have been brought up by supportive parents who always told me to follow my dreams and taught me that nothing is impossible. They continuously encouraged my creative endeavors, which lead me to complete a degree in Material Art and Design at OCAD University, majoring in Jewelry and Metal Smithing. People would always ask me what I was going to do after school with a degree like that - and to be honest, I didn't always have an answer. Thankfully my parents had instilled a belief in me that as long as I followed my passions, no matter what, everything else will fall into place. The big and the small. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. So many people have been discouraged somewhere along the way and have put their creative passions on the back burner. The tragedy in this is that dreams are left unfulfilled and the rest of the world is a little less amazing because of it. We all lose when creativity is stifled.   

I currently spend my days working full time for a custom jewelry shop as a jeweler and designer and I just launched my own online shop of handmade macramé creations for the home. I get to work with my hands and bring happiness to others through creative expression every day. All because I was told that I could. Which is why I believe in telling others the same thing. If we all strive to encourage each other to follow our passions, we can change lives. Let’s make the choice to actively encourage and cheer on those around us. The world will be a better place for it!  


You can join my creative journey on Instagram (@natalie_ranae), Facebook, or on my website at natalieranae.com.

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