A Peek into Clara Park's Studio


What my drawers look like on a good day - there are probably days when paper bits, ink, and all sorts of pen residue take over. I try to keep my pens and supplies organized, but when I'm working on a project, cleaning doesn't become a priority (although it should!)


A #wip -- I usually sketch my work first in pencil, and then will go over it in pen. Here are a few of my favorite things -- my micron pen, a 0/00 brush, and a 0.38 pen. My daily go-to items!

I like to surround myself in creativity when I'm in my work space. I've met (virtually + in person) so many amazing creatives, and love having their work next to my own.

I usually have stacks of envelopes on my desks at all times... with washi tape, scissors, pens, erasers, ribbon, you name it!

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