12 Days of Christmas: Jewelry


I've come across an insane amount of talent this year, and met a lot of amazing makers. So the idea of narrowing it all down to a handful for the 2017 CYL gift guides seemed very daunting. And then I realized, hey, I'm the boss! I can decide to feature a whole lot more! This year I'll be hosting 12 Days of Christmas Shop Small Guides, all sorted by category.

For our first round of guides, I bring you jewelry!


Kinga of Studio Luna Design is based in Canada and creating simple, feminine jewelry. 

Wolf + Sadie is run by another Canadian, Bramble. Bramble also takes a minimalist approach, but for an edgier customer.


Denmark jewelry artist, Sarah Winther is creating structural, statement pieces.


Marina is a jewelry maker right out of my hometown, Los Angeles. You can find her thoughtful and intentional pieces at Pliers & String.

Sarah, or Forestiere, makers her fibre pieces in Canada. She is your go-to if you want natural materials done in a modern way.


Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow, which is all about textiles!


Grace Gulley