Why You Have to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


The quickest way to ruin something special, is to start with the comparisons. Comparison sucks up any of the enjoyment we get out of things. What could have been something beautiful you created, is tarnished once you start holding it up against something else. It is toxic, and we all need to stop already!

Trying to start a business or pursue your creative ambitions is hard enough. You don't need to add that extra stress of comparing yourself to others. I get it, you are bombarded daily with other's successes via Instagram, Facebook, blog posts, etc. Weighing their perceived success against your own can be traumatizing. And while we all know the negative effects this can have, it's hard to push aside the thoughts. I've been there too friends!

Let's think about this though. Do you document your failures on Instagram? Do you write blog posts about what a crappy day you just had? Probably not! So perhaps other people are also 'curating' what they choose to share...? Comparing your bad day (or even your average day) against someone else's carefully selected representation of their day is probably not going to turn out in your favor!

We are all on different paths, and comparison doesn't allow any room for nuances or individuality. Your confidence can quickly become crushed and you can doubt every decision or life choice you have made. You can end up making decisions that aren't right for you, although they may have been right for someone else.

Someone else's success is exactly that, THEIR success. We should celebrate with them. We should be inspired by them. We should encourage them. But we shouldn't redefine our own success to match their journey! Our paths and victories will differ, and that doesn't make one better or worse than the other. Just different! So celebrate your fellow makers, be genuinely happy for them, and don't let that impede on your own creative journey! 

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