Meet Bramble Lee Pryde


Hi There! Would you like to introduce yourself?

Oh hi! My name is Bramble Lee Pryde, the sole babe behind the multi-disciplinary brand WOLF + SADIE which houses my personal art practice, my collection hand forged and cast jewelry, and a homeware collection named Le Lou Ula.

WOLF + SADIE started as a raw yet refined contemporary accessory line. Every piece is created one by one in my studio. Each collection is inspired by storytelling, legacy and honoring traditional practices, while creating minimalist urban adornments.

In 2014, Le Lou Ula was born as an answer to creating my own functional vessels and displays for my jewelry. Due to interest and demand, it has evolved into its own entity and is progressing into a full homeware line.

Recently, I returned to my art school roots and taken up painting and illustration, working primarily in ink. 

In response to the culture over consumption, I work within the slow design movement, striving to leave no material behind. This ethos allows me to take the time to work through the process - as it is just as important as the outcome - while ensuring a visceral connection to each piece, in order to find the space where ethics meet aesthetics.

What does being a creative mean to you?

Oh so many daily life happenings are about being creative….Questioning the process. Taking risks and embracing those wild dream moments. Never being complacent. Exploring. Being innovative with your own practice. Not being worried about what others are doing. Learning to understand more from your mistakes rather than just your successes. Being comfortable in ambiguity. I’m super tactile, so as soon as I am using my hands for something – anything – I feel like I’m part of the creative process.

Do you recall when you first realized you HAD to be creative?

It sounds like the makings of a John Hughes movie (and likely why Pretty in Pink was a pivotal movie for me as a pre-teen), but my first high school was in an affluent suburb of Vancouver. I, however, lived in a not so amazing townhouse with my brother and Mum, who was trying her best to give as a much opportunity as possible, while she started working her way up in her new career post-divorce. High school was ROUGH. I could have the clothing or shoes that other girls had, there was no way my Mum could afford it. So, I started altering my own clothes, shoes, hair… and embraced this very DIY lifestyle. It pivoted my perspective on music, art, the type of people I had more in common with and my school and career choices. 

What is your favorite work ritual?

I would LOVE to exist in some sort of ritual, I’m like human entropy, so while I crave order, it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me. The closest thing I have to a ritual in the studio is burning palo santo while I make music playlists that will blend with the day I have planned. Black metal for days that I’m hammering and forging. Drake when I’m doing my admin, because I feel like he has my back. Emma Ruth Rundle is always on heavy rotation while I’m designing.

How do you cope when you feel overwhelmed?

Still working on that… I’m stoked that I can now identify when I’m overwhelmed because I start writing a million lists in effort to have some semblance of order. A big thing I learned this year, is that it’s ok to ask for help. I can’t do everything, contrary to my ego’s belief. And there is something very accomplished about bringing someone into your world and having them help you, being able to ask for it is definitely been the hardest hurdle for me to jump over.

What three traits would you say are a must for someone going into business for themselves?

Take Risks! Well researched risks tend to pay off in some form, think about all aspects of return on your investments, not just a dollar value

Trusting Your Instincts – You know your business/business idea better than anyone! Everyone will have an opinion, try not to doubt yours!

Relentlessness – Never stop hustling. You need to be your own marketing maven, operational goddess all in addition to creating and selling your work. You’ll have your laptop out on Sunday evenings, doing your shipping at 6am on Monday mornings, and loving every single second of it because it’s all yours and so rewarding. But it’s rarely mon-fri 9-5

What is your definition of success? Do you feel that you are successful? 

It’s a tricky word, and depends on the day lol. Success to me is defined as acknowledging diverse performance indicators. Setting up goals to achieve that make feel successful and aren’t always rooted in monetary returns. First it was create a home studio. Then it was be able to have WOLF + SADIE be my full time job. Then it was move into an actual studio space. Now its turn W+S into a well-rounded, multifaceted brand of art and design. Every varying achievement brings a different sense of accomplishment to the table.

What has been the best advice you have received?

People value/buy differences. 

Such a simple idea, but it shifted my entire perception of designing, and allowed me to be ok with my work not being the same or as on trend…or even caring about trend tbh. I started designing with my heart and quit attempting to forecast the next thing that will be popular.

Who is a female (past, present or fictional) you find inspirational? 

It’s so hard for me to pin down only one woman in my life that I find inspirational. I’m inspired by the art director of the studios I reside in because she made a home for 16 diverse artists in a very conservative town. I’m inspired by the group of friends that I still have from high school, and that 20 years later they all have their own art practice or small business and they’re doing what they love. I’m inspired by every woman that I have collaborated with since WOLF + SADIE’s inception. And now I’m newly inspired by the talented babes of this collective, and am honored to be a part of a group of women that choose to hold each other higher.  

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