The Magic of the Sketchbook



Keeping up with a consistent studio practice seems to be a universal struggle amongst young artists in the modern age. Between working at a day job, maintaining an online presence, and attending art events, finding time to buckle down and spend a solid chunk of time producing in the studio can be a challenge - especially in New York City when we're faced with such limited time and resources.

With this in mind, developing a serious sketchbook practice has allowed me to dream aloud onto paper and explore significant ideas even if my time is limited. As an artist working primarily in ink and line-work, my finished pieces can be quite time-consuming and take months to complete. Keeping a sketchbook, however, gives me the mental space to keep up with my visual concepts as well as the physical space to practice my technical skills. Not to mention the ability to write and record moments of inspiration to refer to later.

I find that my sketchbook has become a room for me to travel through, dream with, discover and fight with ideas and explore corners of my mind that contribute to my artistic practice - whether I'm sitting at the subway platform, or at a cafe on a lunch break.

I've grown to love the urgency of quickly getting ink to paper, and the lack of hesitation that I feel toward working in my sketchbook versus the time and consideration I apply to a large piece in the studio. It lacks a sense preciousness that other works give off which, coincidentally, has turned my sketchbook into a personal talisman and a place of spontaneous magic.  



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