100 Day Project

Hello! I'm Felicia Liang and I'm an illustrator and artist out in New York.


I joined CYL February 2016 after being laid off from a toxic work environment, where it was also a bit of a boy's club. I was feeling stagnant after my first two jobs, so started drawing again and took an illustration course in the evening after work to see where it would all go. The support and wealth of knowledge and advice from the women in CYL provided much needed foundation and inspiration to help me grow as a creative over the year.


I really found a groove during my 100 Day Project about growing up Asian American (#100daysians). I did this project because of the lack of Asian representation in the media and thought art would be a great way to share my culture as well as discuss more difficult topics like stereotypes and discrimination. It's been rewarding seeing my project start conversations with both new and old friends, which has only inspired me to continue with it. 



Having grown up Asian American, I wasn't necessarily encouraged to pursue a creative career, so it's funny thinking how illustrating that upbringing has helped me find my voice. This also makes me all the more thankful for having joined CYL because I wouldn't have found the confidence with my art, from this project to its eventual Kickstarter to make it into a book, and I wouldn't have been as open with sharing my stories had I not joined this community. When women empower one another, it's really just magic. 


I'm setting up a shop and blog for 2017, so stay tuned with @thefliang.