A Painter's Process + Workspace

guest post by Molly Mansfield

guest post by Molly Mansfield


Y’all, I paint from my kitchen table. In our previous home I actually had room to set up a more permanent “studio”, but I still preferred this space. I like being here in the center of the home close to my people and all the food and beverages, even though I totally zone out while I’m painting. I think it is just the accessibility of these things that makes me feel relaxed and like there is nowhere else I need to go.



Working in watercolor, it only takes me about 1 minute to setup and tear down! (As a previous oil painter, I continue to be amazed by the convenience of this medium). 




Each time I paint, I take everything down and put it away in the closet. I still haven’t organized all my supplies/shipping materials since our move and they are stuffed into cardboard boxes in our closet without leaving much room for clothes, or even entering and exiting. Most days my husband doesn’t notice.



From where I sit, i’ve got a view out the window of our porch which is overflowing with plants. I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with what you love. 


For a long time I think I limited myself by the space that I had (or didn’t have). But as I am getting older and especially after becoming a mom, I can feel the urgency of my need to create, and I am finding ways to make it work. Maybe it will look different in the future. But for now, this system is allowing me to make the work that I want to make, and that is all that matters.