How to Stay Motivated!

  guest Post by  Victoria Guillemin


Working two jobs is never an easy task. In this article I will try to explain how I find a balance between life and work, how that works for me, and hopefully for you too!


Wild cloud is a personal project that I had in mind since high school. It wasn’t this name or this form, but I knew I wanted to create a business of my own. How did it all start? For me, it came at a time when life (and employers) seemed to let me down; but this experience ultimately paved the way for good things to come.



This is my little story. Four years ago, I graduated from Architecture school in Paris and decided to move to Australia. I spent most of the following year living in the beautiful city of Sydney, where one day I will be back ;). After my visa expired, I returned to France where I found no job for a couple months. I was in self doubt, and was pretty disappointed. But now I am grateful, since I created Wild Cloud during this period. I was so excited to start something on my own!


Within a couple weeks I had an idea, a logo, a name, and a few products. The day I registered my brand name, I got an amazing architecture job opportunity in San Diego, California. A couple months later, I arrived in California and had to juggle between a new job, a new country and a newly created business. I was a bit frustrated to not have the time I used to have. So, naturally, all my free time was dedicated to Wild Cloud. It was very tiring! It didn’t last that long, and I had to change my rhythm. I started dedicating only certain weekends (1 or 2 a month) and week nights (1 or 2 per week) on Wild Cloud. The rest of the time, I chose to see my friends, explore the beautiful city of San Diego, and enjoy the SoCal lifestyle. Having this schedule works very well for me. I realized I am way more productive during this little period of time than trying to do it every day. I find it is better to focus and prioritize, than spend more time and actually procrastinate. I developed my business with this model, and I enjoyed it.


In May, I got a promotion at my architecture office, and with it, more responsibility. From July to September, I had so much work at my office; I couldn’t even keep up this tiny schedule. I was annoyed and frustrated, as you can imagine. But does anger help me? Will being upset make my situation better? I didn’t think so. Instead, I thought about what can actually help me. I decided to plan ahead, and organize my time from October to December to still have a great holiday season! I felt way better about it, and could focus on the big deadlines for my day job. This period taught me to not be hard on myself, but to stay focused on the positive things, and be grateful of the effort I had already made. When I feel like I am not progressing, I think about how far I have already come, and how many milestones I have reached.


We are trying the best we can. Self love and self gratitude is very important and should be a priority in this creative journey.



Free weekends when I know I can work on Wild Cloud, are some of my favorite times! Since they are pretty rare, I am SO excited about it. I wake up early, make my green juice and see what the plan is for the particular weekend. I usually do 2/3 production and 1/3 marketing. I start fresh with email and marketing, then move on to my favorite: creating pieces! I make the orders, create some stock for future local markets, and think about new pieces. Celebrating little victories, enjoying life, being inspired with the little things every day, is to me, mandatory. Remember, happiness is a journey not a destination.