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  guest post by  Danielle V Green.

guest post by Danielle V Green.


Welcome to my very first studio! We just purchased our forever home and converted the second bedroom into a shared studio space for myself and my husband. I am in here all day into the evening. Josh is in here at night when I am drained after a long day, to  freely listen to his music with out me complaining its too loud.  



I am completely driven by the sun. I am so glad our studio is super bright and sunny. It makes it easier for me to work when I am happy and the sun sure helps. I am a Leo after all. The sun rules me.



I quit my day job about a year and a half ago right after we moved into our home. Ever since then I spend my days packing orders here or painting commissions and new ideas. I hand make all my brooches and my enamel pins get packaged up here now too.



My wall of the studio has some of my favorite artists. I love to look up and be inspired. There’s Gemma Flack, Jesi Rogers, Nathan Fox, Tin Can Forest, Teagan White, and Alexandra Beguez for now. Sometimes I like to hang up my color sketches so I can over analyze them and perfect the next version.



Watercolor and ink are my favorite medium. Lately I have been adding gouache to my repertoire. I do love the solidity it gives more than watercolor can. I try to spend half of my week on art and the other half on business. Animals and babes are my favorite to sketch.



I am super excited to be finished with my latest series of watercolor paintings. It involves mythology and animals. I titled the series “ Animals Are Magic.” Just adding those finishing touches here! Its taken me over 3 months to complete, which is way off schedule. But sometimes art just can’t be rushed.



Of course no day would be complete without a visit from one of my cats. Gus and Bruce. They are my muses. Here is Bruce not being annoying in any way! Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak of where I work!

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