Studio Tour with Meghan Shimek

guest post by Meghan Shimek

guest post by Meghan Shimek

Hi! I am Meghan Bogden Shimek and I am a fiber artist based in Oakland, California. I create large scale woven and sculptural pieces using wool roving, felt, and rope. I live and work in my studio with my six year old son, Grey. We also have an adorable cat named Sputnik.



This is the most peaceful part of our home, the hammock is one of my favorite places to get lost in my thoughts. The cocoon was created for ROVE, an exhibition I had in Seattle in 2015 which explored my feelings of change after significant loss.



A picture of me after hanging this piece, “Exposed” in my studio. This piece was created after the 2017 Inauguration and I felt like every nerve I had was exposed. I didn’t know how to react and I had not yet begun to form a protective layer over everything I was feeling.



This is a view of the living area of our home taken from Grey’s loft bedroom. Photo by Esteban Cortez for Apartment Therapy



This is Grey, he is about to start first grade and absolutely loves craft and art, as well as Legos, robots and doing anything outside.



A recent weaving made using wool roving and Lovefest Fibers ReLove Alpaca. This particular yarn is made of alpaca wool and recycled plastic bottles! (photo by Erin Conger)



I recently moved my Murphy bed to the front of my studio, and this is Sputnik’s favorite place to hang out.



On smaller pieces, I generally sit on the floor while I work, when it becomes uncomfortable to sit like this, I work standing, which is what I prefer. (image by Erin Conger)



I have recently been moving things around and this area became one of my favorites...I would work only in neutral tones if I were allowed. The painting is by my Ariel Aizer-Keck and it is one of my most favorite possessions.