The Convergence of Design + Passion

Why did you go into business? 


When graphic design is done right it has purpose and can be very powerful; It speaks volumes on your behalf when you are not in the room. I began Lauren Nicole Co. as a way for me to build and create art that had purpose for my clients and allow my clients to feel inspired by their own brands. When you create a powerful brand, not only is your target market excited but you are excited to tackle your own business and personal goals. Designing is my passion and I want to encourage creative business owners to feel that same passion for their own brand.


What is the best advice you have received? 


The best advice that still resonates with me today was from another creative and she said "if you don't play the game you will never win." It's terrifying starting your own creative journey. There's so many reasons that pop up in my head as to why it's a terrible idea, but I always remember, if I don't play this game, I'll never win. You cannot succeed without trying.

What would you say is an essential trait for a girl boss? 


A girl boss must have passion for her work and passion for others. I believe the most important way to feel eager to wake up and power through the day is to love what you do. All girl bosses are role models to other women powering through her own journey. It's essential they have passion for others attempting to do the same thing to create support, encouragement, and community.


How are you empowering other female creatives? 


To feel empowered is to believe you can do something and feel supported by others that you can do it too. This is community and as a female entrepreneur I want to create just that. Jumping from fine arts to design I noticed a void on social media of beautiful design inspired hashtags. I am attempting to create a design community where designers can support one another with #mydesigndose and as a piggy back on follow Friday #followdesignfriday. It is my hope that this will allow all designers to feel empowered to design.