An Ode to Doing More of What You Love


In fall of 2017 I decided to challenge myself and rekindle my love of connection and storytelling with a #100dayproject. Starting September, through the end of the year, I would have a one-hour conversation with a different female entrepreneur I admired-every damn day. It presented a lot of hurdles and forced me to work through personal insecurities. But, by the end of it I had gained so much, grew closer with some amazing ladies, and strengthened my own belief in my journey and potential. My hope is that these recordings continue to inspire.

This is one of those 100 conversations...

Listen here:

In this chat you'll hear things like...

  • Megan's story of becoming an artist and starting with just $300.
  • Why developing a beginner's mind was so important to her.
  • The most important attribute she believes you need to have to 'make it.'
  • How Megan has learned to own her imperfections.
  • Why she prioritizes joy above all else.
  • And what Instagram and Diet Coke have in common!


Links from this chat:


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Loving what you hear?

I encourage you to use the hashtag #100DayswithCYL to share your story. Plus, you’ll get to sift through the hashtag to find other women who care about community and connectedness. Bonus! I may be sharing some of my favorite images and stories! 


Thanks for listening!