Connecting through the Lens

Why did you go into business?: I went into business for freedom - time freedom AND creative freedom. I had done a ton of academic education, and while I loved learning everything I studied, once I hit the job market, the daily structure of a 9-5 (at a desk, with no windows) really made me unhappy, and RESTLESS!

What is the best advice you have received?: "Show the work you want to get." Early on we all have to take certain jobs to pay the bills and there's this tension between all this work you're actually doing day-to-day and the pressure to be present on social media. I've learned I need to seek out opportunities that are the right fit for MY brand and thoughtfully curate/share that work to attract my ideal clients.

What would you say is an essential trait for a girl boss?: Persistence! It is NOT easy running your own business. There are a lot of discomforts that come up, but staying focused and persisting through hard times is key. Oh, and seek out community for that support you will inevitably need. Also, be nice to people - it really pays off.

How are you empowering other female creatives?: I work almost exclusively with female creatives - whether they're my clients, friends, or makers whose products I use and love. I make portraits and content for female-run brands and my process is very involved/in-depth. The most important thing about making pictures (not taking them) is my connection to my subjects... and then seeing how they integrate that content into their brands makes my heart so full. Often times clients become friends, too - it's the best.