My First Book

  *  Hey there lady. Before you read this... while this post is sponsored by Blurb, I fully back what they do. And you bet your sweet butt I'll be using them again!

*Hey there lady. Before you read this... while this post is sponsored by Blurb, I fully back what they do. And you bet your sweet butt I'll be using them again!

When Blurb approached me with the task of designing a book, my reaction was conflicting. On one hand, I was like 'heck yes! I've been wanting to put together a book!' And on the other I was worried how I could make something that would be valuable to my community and could achieve that value in roughly 20 pages! 

I racked my brain and brainstormed the hell out of this. I had lots of good ideas, but nothing that left me feeling terribly motivated. Talk about serendipitous-I just so happened to be in the middle of this #100DAYSOFCONVERSATION project! And what's the one thing I'm noticing we all have in common? We all crave real connection. We all crave genuine interaction. We all crave friendships. BINGO. That's the idea that got me fired up. And I was off to the races!


The writing part was easy. It was all the stuff I was feeling; it was all the experiences I've gathered over the years (candidly of both being a bad friend and having friends who aren't good for me!). Okay, I also just love writing.

And thanks to Blurb, the bookmaking part was also easy! I went with the Layflat  pages so I could create double page spreads that were seamless and beautiful. Lucky me, Blurb also has an inDesign plug-in, because in my past life (okay still to this day) I'm an inDesign nerd!  

Instead of giving trite advice I decided to approach this book from an angle that creates a greater sense of personal accountability. It's easy to blame others as the reason we don't have the relationships we want. But the truth is, we all could afford to do more inner work. I broke the book into six sections, the first two focusing on your own mindset. 

I wanted the message to come across in a way that's straightforward and manageable. This meant a clean layout that is well organized with large, bold fonts and headers and pictures that don't detract from the message.


Once I hit order on my book, I was like a giddy schoolgirl everyday, waiting by the mailbox for it to arrive! And let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

Blurb managed to make my dream come of creating a book come to life. I'm one of those people that obsesses over font type and color codes. And the printing couldn't have been more spot-on. I’m also obsessed with the way my images look in the Layflat book format spread unbroken across two pages.My first thought was, 'I am so excited to share this with others!' And isn't that one of the greatest feelings ever? So thank you, Blurb, for reminding me that we are meant to share our stories and words with others! And thanks for doing it in such a beautiful way!

I'm also doing something extra special as a part of this because I love y'all so much and know the importance of creating lasting friendships... I'm making the book available to purchase/gift/hang out on your book shelf. And as a part of your order I'm going to throw in something extra special. If you'd like to get your hands on this before it goes bye-bye, you can use that big button below.



I'd love to hear what project is sitting inside of you that you should be bringing into creation and sharing with the world? Share in comments below!

Grace Gulley