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Finding the Win

Finding the Win


You’ve got a passion and a purpose, and you’re working everyday toward your goals. You spend hours daydreaming, planning, sourcing, creating, photographing, marketing, hyping and posting. You barely sleep the night before the big day, (Is Santa coming?) You wake up the day of the big reveal with stars in your eyes, and THE BEST feeling of accomplishment. A feeling of productivity. Oh, and probably LOTS of nerves. THIS is the day. 

Everything goes as planned….well almost. You post your newly curated collection, or line of products and…crickets. Nada. Your photos look awesome, that editing you did- really shines.  Some lovely comments about your work, and your productivity, but no sales. No income. No “ultimate reward” for all the work you put into your launch. 

Despite this being our passion, and our dream, being a maker, and trying to grow a business has a goal of eventually being financially stable and successful. Welp! You’re tempted to run away with your tail between your legs, and declare your journey as over. You tried, and you failed. The pity party can ensue. 

I’ve been there. This past spring I launched a brand new sparkly line of original art and prints. Bright and colorful. l Oh the hours that were spent, oh the love that was poured into each and every piece. This very thing I described above happened to me. Sure, I’ve got a wonderful and supportive community- and I love them all- but did anything amount from all my hours of work? Money? No? Success? Debatable!  A win? ABSOLUTELY. 

Each idea we have, each launch, each new approach we try. Each time we put ourselves out there we learn. We expose ourselves and our work to new people, new arena’s and we are one more step forward in our journey. We know better how to proceed, we get new ideas, and we work off what newly acquired knowledge we have in our portfolio. It is important to take these steps forward, and to trudge on. If we refused to put ourselves out there and at least try..well we would be stagnant, we would be holding ourselves back from being our best. Each time I put myself out there, ultimately I acquire just a smidgeon more confidence. Just that little bit to carry me through the next big idea. 

So my collection didn’t sell. Sure, I did the pity party thing. I kept checking my shop, and waiting for that order to come. My supportive husband did his very best to reassure me. I questioned whether my “Enthusiastically Bright Art” would ever find its audience. Every artist starts somewhere, and every artist/creator has their wins and their stumbles. What was important for me to remember was that I wasn’t alone- I wasn’t the only person who had planned something that hadn't gone exactly as I pictured. It happens all the time in our community. 

Fast forward a few months, those pieces remained in my Etsy shop. They sat and they sparkled, and they showed people my work, and my brand and my potential. They still hadn’t sold. Then an email comes. A custom client. A big commission. “I’ve just fallen in love with your style, your work just speaks to me…” and few weeks later, another email- “I love your work…would you be interested in…”

These pieces have almost all since sold. It took time for them to find the people they were perfect for. Art is deeply personal after all.

You see those pieces I created, were pieces of my heart. They helped me to further develop my voice and my style. I learned about my reasons, and my whys, and dabbled in different process’ and new directions. They have brought in several custom commissions and some collaborations with amazing companies. They are my win. While it took time, and me opening my eyes to smaller wins, and smaller success’ they ultimately were a win.

Am I financially stable? No. Have I “made it”. Not yet. Will I keep going? YOU BET! 

Friends, we must celebrate our wins. Through the times we feel we’ve lost. Let’s celebrate each others wins, no matter how big, or how small. Let’s support each others launches, and products, and hearts. We’re all here to make this world a better and more beautiful place, and together, we’ve got this! 

Thanks for reading along! Don’t forget to comment below. To learn more about Laura visit the Community Directory tab to find her social channels, as well as other CYL Member’s social channels. Or visit her website at Elle & Kay.

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