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Meet Mariah Behrens

Meet Mariah Behrens


Hi There! Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Mariah. I am currently based in the cozy and beautiful Pacific Northwest where I spend my days drawing and crocheting stuffed animals.

What does being a creative mean to you?

Being a creative is basically all I have ever known. It is what wakes me up in the morning. Being a creative is living life purposefully and freely in a way that makes sense to me. I feel like I'm in my element and I found my place. 

Do you recall when you first realized you HAD to be creative?

My childhood often consisted of me playing with my dolls and stuffed animals in my bedroom. I even remember waking up early some mornings and playing with my fingers as if they were people/dolls if I didn't have easy access to my actual toys. Going into elementary school and beyond, I always found myself drawn to art classes, music classes, and any assignment that gave me the permission to draw or use my colored pencils. I took advantage of creating out of the box essays and I realized early on that I could still follow guidelines and rules while still putting my own spin on things. 

What is your favorite work ritual?

I can only work in a clean space. This is a good and a bad thing! Before starting a productive work day I do a big cleaning spree-- wiping down everything, filing away paperwork, and of course, making that big pot of coffee. While working I love listening to podcasts and slowly sipping on that coffee. 

How do you cope when you feel overwhelmed?

Yikes, I'm not the best with this one. Usually, if I'm able to keep a reasonably level head, I'll take a step back. Taking a quick shower often helps, or going for a walk to get groceries. Anything that allows me to clear my head a little bit and come back to what I'm working on with a fresh, calm perspective.

What three traits would you say are a must for someone going into business for themselves?

Persistence, patience, and thorough editing skills!

What is your definition of success? Do you feel that you are successful? 

Doing what I love, and doing it with all my strength. I'm getting there!

What has been the best advice you have received?

"Don't waste your energy worrying about what you don't know. And even when you know, don't worry."

Who is a female (past, present or fictional) you find inspirational? 

My grandmother-- the maker and crafter behind the quote above.  

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