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How to get Featured on Instagram

How to get Featured on Instagram



I know you all work really hard at your business. And you deserve a big round of applause!

You make sure your product photos are beautiful, you take your time to research the right hashtags, you are engaging with your audience!

But let’s face it... there’s one thing we all kind of secretly want: to be reposted by a feature account and see the new followers rolling in.

Sure! It feels great to be the center of attention now and again. To know your work is being seen by a huge number of people! 

So let’s set aside our ego and admit that we would like to be featured.

I think you deserve some recognition after all…

Good! Now, let’s get to work!


You should know your niche so you can begin your research. Look for popular Instagram accounts in your field. Once you find them decide if their style matches yours. Are they featuring clean, minimal photos? Do they use lots of color? Are the photos moody and dark? If you know your style is the opposite, you can bet they won’t pick you up. Remember these accounts are curating a whole feed and will only post photos that flow nicely.

Also what good would it do to get featured to an audience of people who are following that account because they like the exact opposite of what you post?? That does not translate to new followers for you. Put your energy elsewhere. Keep a list of the accounts that are potential feeds you could be featured on.

Try to look for a variety of accounts. Some larger, some smaller. Look for ones that are really honed in on your niche, as well as ones with a wider range of interests. See if you have local communities that would be into what you are doing.


Every feature account has rules for getting featured. Those large accounts are run by very dedicated and passionate people that are only looking for the best for their community, and only looking for what they know their audience will like. In other words, they have a lot to sort through! So following the rules, will make you more likely to be considered and picked up. Hashtags will almost most definitely come into play here. Know their hashtags, and use them correctly. Most feature accounts look at this little mini-community of theirs everyday to scout new talent to share.

On this note, please be warned about DM’ing these feature accounts. Generally they receive a lot of DM’s and almost exclusively use their hashtags to look for new features


A great way to get picked up by brands is to take photos with their product. It’s essentially free advertisement for the brand. And if the photo is good and falls in line with their aesthetic they just may repost it! Just remember not to abuse this tactic. Be choosy here. Only use this method with outstanding AND relevant photos.


Teaming up with someone is another great option. Look for someone who is an ‘influencer’, but do make sure you are careful about choosing your influencer. You should be able to safely assume their followers will also find your brand/product valuable or interesting. Once you do that open dialogue and build a rapport. This takes time and consistency. Don’t expect these relationships to be established overnight. Ask to send them a gift in exchange for a tagged post. You can also team up with them to host contests and promotions.

Instagram can be a great marketing tool, if used properly and not abused. It’s a great opportunity to engage with your fans  and build a platform. But as with all things, again, it takes time. Stay at it and don’t forget to give back!

Also don’t neglect your own growing community As new followers come in, you want to stay in touch and reward those long-time fans. Reply to their comments, thank them for sticking around, share any of them you find inspiring!

Good luck to all of you!  Can’t wait to watch all of you grow and do your thing.

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