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Four Things to Do When You Want to Throw in the Towel

Four Things to Do When You Want to Throw in the Towel



No matter how wonderful your life is, or how successful you are, you are still a human. There will be days you just don't want to get out of bed. There will be days where it is all just too much. And you look back and wonder where it all went wrong.

You started with such fire and conviction-there was no stopping you! And now you feel lost, without purpose, and like throwing in the proverbial towel.

Well let's be real here! If you have gotten to this point that means you certainly have been trying something, so you are already ahead of a lot of people. What you do from here will determine the outcome of your life. And that's where I come in, to hopefully offer some words of encouragement and four tidbits to rekindle that fire and push past this hurdle! 

First thing you need to remember is that passion and belief you had in yourself that caused you to start in the first place. Try to tap into those feelings you had in the early days. Why did you head down this path? What was your mission? Do you still believe in that?

I remember my early days with CYL, I had no audience and getting a response was sometimes difficult, but nothing could deter me! I was on a mission, and I was going to empower women! (Even if they weren't listening.) I try to remember my WHY on days where I just want to call it quits. And believe me, I have them! I'm not immune to the down-on-myself-and-why-am-I-trying-to-run-a-business-blues! If you need to, write down your why(s) on a piece of paper and tape it to your wall/bathroom mirror/fridge/etc so you can see it every stinkin' day!

Life isn't easy and it isn't meant to be stagnant. We are given challenges and hurdles all the time. And guess what, you can walk away and choose to be a passive player in life. That's a real choice. BUT if you want to run a business and be in charge of your life, you're going to have face the obstacles and get through them! Change your perspective. When things are seemingly impossible, instead think of that as a chance for real growth and real change! So stop, take a minute to breathe and regroup, and then get ready to take on that challenge and move forward in life.

Okay, maybe there are some days where it just isn't that easy. Allow yourself on occasion to ignore big picture, and anything beyond the scope of today. At this moment your only task is to make it through RIGHT NOW. Don't worry about what you did or didn't do yesterday, or what you may or may not do tomorrow... your job is just to do something today.

There are days that I feel beyond unmotivated! It's hard to power through and remember my why on those days. So instead I allow myself to say, 'alright, you win mood. I get it! Just for today I'm going to go on a long walk, read a book, and return one phone call. And I'm not giving one single thought about what happens tomorrow.' This takes the pressure off by unloading your mental burdens.

Another biggie to keep in mind is that what you're feeling is not unique. Many others go through this exact thing! That artist you admire with the perfect life and immense talent? Yep, they go through this! The lifestyle blogger who doesn't seem to work and gets sent free clothes and travels the world? Sure, some days they sulk in bed and can't be convinced to get out! YOU ARE NOT ALONE. So take solace in that. Know that people get through these feelings everyday, people you admire get through these feelings everyday. And also know, you have a whole network of people who are happy to support you and talk you through these hard days. So ask for help if you need it!

And as a bonus, I want to share some things you should absolutely not do while you are considering quitting!

Casually scrolling through social media. NO! Guess what? Instagram is full of people sharing a curated selection of images. Meaning, mostly their best and happiest moments! So while you are nearing a panic attack as you consider throwing away the past year of work, you are watching a person who also runs a watercolor business who is showing in EVERY gallery with her insanely cute puppy and nary a hair out of place. Yeah, get far away from that. Put your phone in the cupboard and go for walk instead.

And another thing to avoid, is negative self-talk. Now is not the time to let your mental chatter spiral into variations of 'I'm just the worst!'. You are vulnerable right now. So stop it, and you should probably re-read this article!

You are doing something amazing and working hard to be the driver in your life. Remember that what you are doing is not easy, and there will be challenges. You are not alone!

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