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Meet Kristen Cella

Meet Kristen Cella


Say hi! Would you like to introduce yourself?


Hi! I’m Kristen, I live in San Francisco with my husband, 4 month old daughter and two cats, and I run a handmade, pet design business called Siamese Social Club. 


What does being a creative mean to you?


I used to think that being a creative simply meant thinking outside the box and doing things a bit differently than everyone else. But now that I am primarily a designer and maker, it has become a way of life and an essential part of my business.


Do you recall when you first realized you HAD to be creative?


It was while I was in grad school studying marine biology that I realized I enjoyed designing my powerpoint presentations and crocheting the sea creatures I studied way more than writing grant proposals or running experiments. I knew then I needed to be in a more creative field than science, so I combined my love of animals and making things into my business making things for animals.


What is your favorite work ritual?


Preparing everything to sew a coiled rope bed. I find it analogous to the culinary practice of “mis en place”; I spend a good half hour winding bobbins, arranging my tools and rope, and putting out water and snacks so that I can sit down and complete a bed without having to get up for anything.


How do you cope when you feel overwhelmed?


Ha, this happens way too often now that I have a baby! I usually find that unplugging from my phone, the internet and social media helps. If I have time, I go for a walk and re-write my To-Do list. This helps clear my head and organize my thoughts.


What three traits would you say are a must for someone going into business for themselves?


You need to be determined, able to manage your time well, and make your own decisions. I really need to tell myself this more often!


What is your definition of success? Do you feel that you are successful? 


To me, being successful means loving what you do while making a profit from what you are doing…I’ve got the first part down, but I’m still working on the second!


What has been the best advice you have received?


In regards to running a business, you only fail when you give up.


Who is a female (past, present or fictional) you find inspirational?


My Grandma. She was a mother, grandmother, ceramicist, painter, psychology professor and fellow cat lover. 



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