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How to Deal with Social Media Burnout

How to Deal with Social Media Burnout


In the 2+ years of running CYL, there’s one thing that comes up over and over.  Social media! And how soul-crushingly overwhelming it can be!


I know, cue the dramatic music!


It’s a real thing though. Whether it’s via email; the private Facebook group I run; someone reaching out via Instagram… people want to know how to keep social media from steamrolling their lives. 


Many of my members have said they spend an hour plus EVERYDAY just trying to create content and interact on their social channels. Others have said they spend even more than that. 


I was in the same boat. I once assumed social media was the avenue in which all my business was going to come. So I put EVERYTHING into it. Just before I hit social media burnout, I was spending nearly 2 hours a day on social media!


It was at that point I had to ask:


What am I even doing?? Is this worth it??


Now bear with me as we continue! I’m not condemning social media. These days I just firmly believe you need to be more focused and intentional when it comes to social media. You shouldn’t feel as if you are struggling to stay above water and keep up. Instead you want to feel as if your efforts are paying off and your business/community/dog sitting(?) business is growing!


When I began CYL, I jumped on every social network there ever was!


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIN (does anyone use this??)… the list goes on! 


What this meant was I was EVERYWHERE, but didn’t have the time or focus to actually grow any of those channels in a meaningful way. And it was taking away from areas that would actually grow my business and community.


Let the burnout ensue!


I lost steam and instead begin to drop the ball on EVERY channel. I just didn’t havethe energy to do anything with them. 


Since then things have changed. I’ve changed my perspective and instead have realized a better approach would be to go all-out on no more than two channels! Really spend time getting to know my audiences in those places. Build trust and let them get to know me in order to grow my brand.


So how did I decide on those primary channels? 


Well this will differ from business to business, but Instagram is where the majority of my audience is active. So that’s where I am focusing my energy. I will add a second channel soon, but I am still building that trust with my IG audience at the moment. You can either take this approach, or put energy into both of your channels from the start.


To decide which platforms you should use, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.


Where is your audience most active?


I mean, duh!


Of course you should consider this. But it’s worth mentioning. This is about YOUR audience, not you. So if your fans love Snapchat, you better put some effort into learning that platform! 


Time to go live!


Okay, this is a scary one for me as well. But people love video! It’s hard to be overly polished and curated when you are on video or live. Nearly every social media outlet now incorporates video, so figure out a way to get comfortable and put yourself out there!


Even though, at the moment, my focus is on Instagram, it doesn’t mean I’m doing away with all of my other social media accounts. It may be in the future that Twitter serves my audience better and I go that route. Right now, I do not need to be active EVERYWHERE. 


I don’t think I’ve posted on Twitter in maybe a year, and guess what? No one cares! Or probably even notices. 


Well that’s all well and great, but back to the original question, is this even worth it??


What does social media do for you business? I don’t feel the primary reasoning behind social should be to increase your revenue. 


I do feel, however, that if you are intentionally and properly using social media it can help you create a loyal audience. Social media is about engaging and connecting with your audience, not converting them. I mean, building a bond may in the future convert them! But we are focusing on the primary objective, creating trust and loyalty.


There are many ways to do this, I love throwing up questions and allowing people to interact with one another on Instagram. #followfriday is a very popular way to create engagement in your feed. The list goes on!


So to sound like a broken record, no more than 2 social media outlets! Focus! Engage and be intentional with your time and energy. You are letting people in and building a real rapport.


I’d love to hear which channels you are going to focus on? Comment below!

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