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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

  guest post by  Lucy Snowden

guest post by Lucy Snowden


I recently found an old notebook with a rough picture I’d drawn in it about 5 years ago.  I had been reading a book about creating the life you want to live and one of the exercises was to draw a picture of your ideal day.  Its quite revealing… there is stick me in a box (representing a light and airy studio!) doing some creative design related work, my kids in another box happily occupied at school, some mountains in the back ground with para-gliders flying above.  I’m actually quite amazed at how close to this vision I’ve come.  Of course not everyday plays out perfectly and its messy and imperfect as family life always is but I can see my reality in that picture.  I really do believe that saying…… how you live your days is how you live your life.


We moved to the mountains just over a year ago, a dream we’d had since moving to Australia 8 years ago.  Since February my two girls are both in school full time and this, combined with the slower pace of life here, have given me the space to work on my creative life which at the moment is focusing on macramé and rope bowls.



My day starts around eight as we all get up and move into that getting the kids dressed and ready for school, eating breakfast, making packed lunches and trying to get out of the door in time chaos.  I would love to be more organized with this and know it could run much smoother but for the moment this is our reality!


Once we’re out the door we can breath.  We live in a little village where the school has 50 pupils.  Our walk there is short yet there is so much on the way.  This short blast of nature really helps me feel connected to where we live.  At different times of year we pass daffodils, grapes, apples, blackberries, horses and sheep, fallen leaves and mushrooms.  You can watch the mist rising over the trees above, crunch through the frost or bask in the morning sun.  It’s pretty special.


Once I’m home again I relish the quiet, make myself a nice coffee on the stove and sit down to do a quick catch up with social media.  My husband is also at home so we check in on each other’s plans for the day.  Making days are of course my favourite.  I like to create in big chunks of time so I try to set aside full days for it otherwise I start to feel too rushed and all over the place.  


If it’s a nice day I love to work out on the deck.  I’ll set up my macramé rack where I have a view across my garden to the mountain opposite.  Yesterday I took my sewing machine out there too. My idea of absolute bliss is to work here listening to podcasts.  I love to learn about other peoples lives, especially creative female entrepreneurs, one of my favourites is Radio 4’s ‘Desert Island Discs’.  I also have a couple of outdoors and paragliding ones.  I’ve done quite a few adventures in my time but at this season in my life I’m really loving being at home, it feels such a privilege, so I am more than content to listen to other peoples.  


Time flies and my six hours is soon up and its time to collect the girls.  Then while they play or get involved in their own creative endeavors (our house is a crazy mess of crafty detritus) I will try to get in some yoga to clear my head and stretch my stiff shoulders.  If it’s a good day for it we will head up the hill and go for an evening fly on our para-gliders.  It really is the perfect way to get some perspective; on your own in sky, feeling the air and looking down on the valley below.  


Lucy Snowden 5.JPG


Then its time for dinner, bath, books and bed for the kids.  This routine runs much more smoothly than our morning one!  Finally my husband and I will relax for the evening, we often watch a series on the TV or a box set (we still live in the dark age of DVD) and I might do some admin on my computer at the same time.  Then it’s to bed with a book before starting again tomorrow.


I probably manage about 2 days a week like this one and two more attending to the admin of building and running a business.  Its not always roses, I’m still working on the light and airy studio space, but I really am grateful for where I am at the moment and the way I get to live my days.  





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