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Meet Lucy Maud

Meet Lucy Maud

 guest post by  Lucy Maud

guest post by Lucy Maud

Say hi! Would you like to introduce yourself?


Hi, I’m Lucy an English lady who has called Australia home for the past 9 years.  I live in the mountains (yes we even have snow and ski resorts here) with my husband and six and seven year old daughters.  I’ve been making macramé and sewing rope bowls for just over a year.  My other passions are paragliding and yoga.  


What does being a creative mean to you?


I think it’s so much broader than most people think……from imagining and working to create the type of life you want to live, to making something interesting from the leftovers in the fridge.   Of course it includes the more obvious but to me the key thread is in enjoying the process of creating, making and experimenting even if the outcome isn’t always what you were expecting.


Do you recall when you first realized you HAD to be creative?


I definitely I lost count of the number of soft toys I sewed for myself when I was at primary school and I remember there was a craft shop at the local garden centre and I was always so excited when my mum took me there and I got the materials for another new project.  I still loved art and sewing at high school although being pretty good academically these didn’t get prioritized .  I think this might be why I now feel so strongly about following your passions rather than what you are considered ‘good’ at.  After that I focused more on outdoor stuff and it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, and suffering from extreme nesting instinct that I discovered sewing blogs, got sewing, rediscovered my creative self and its safe to say I haven’t looked back since then.


What is your favorite work ritual?


Housework is the thing that generally does not get done in my home but of course I work best when my space is clear and clean, so whilst its not my favorite thing to actually do the finished effect of clearing up helps me work much better.  Once the dishes and lego pieces are out of the way I love to sew and make macramé for big chunks of time in my light filled front room listening to podcasts or Spotify.

How do you cope when you feel overwhelmed?


CYL squad has helped so much with this…… from learning to break things down into manageable and achievable goals,  to buying  a big desk diary to write my daily tasks and deadlines in.  All this has helped me feel more focused and see what I really have to do rather than everything being a big jumble in my head.  If all this fails then I know its time for yoga, stretching my body out and just coming back to the moment and my breath.  It sounds so clichéd but it so works!


What three traits would you say are a must for someone going into business for themselves?


I think you have to be a little bit unconventional  or at least happy to be viewed as unconventional by others even if you don’t actually consider yourself to be.  Going out on your own and running a business which doesn’t involve an office, or set hours or necessarily any formal qualifications can be regarded as a bit out there by a surprising number of people.


You need to be a do-er.  There is no one else to do it for you now so you can’t just talk about your ideas.   You need to be a person who enjoys trying new things and putting them into action.


Which really leads to the third… you need to be tenacious.  You need to keep on doing, to keep showing up and putting in the work, to keep learning and to keep putting yourself out there. Its then, over time, that you will see the rewards of your work.


What is your definition of success? Do you feel that you are successful? 


To feel that I have a well balanced life which my family and I are content in.   I really believe in balance … to be able to spend time together as a family, to have work I enjoy - which fulfills my creative urges and gets me out into my community, to and to be able to look after my health – by exercising and getting out into mountains.  I do find it very hard to keep the balance – and normally there is always one aspect which gives at a particular time…..some months there is too much work and not enough exercise, other times I have lots of time for family and yoga but maybe a bit of money stress.  Its swings and roundabouts and overall I feel very grateful for the life I get to live and successful in that we are able to live the life we want.  


What has been the best advice you have received?


Just start.  Take that 1st step.  If you think you’d like to do it…start it, try it, see if you really do.….see where it takes you.


Who is a female (past, present or fictional) you find inspirational?


I’ve just finished reading the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ books to my daughters.  I so enjoyed them and Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family are such an inspiration.  The way they cope with adversity and change, the hard work they put in and the joy they take both in that work and in family life.  For me particularly the clothes they sew for themselves and the gifts they make for each other, which they put so much love and attention into, really remind me of the value of handwork and that, in our world of overconsumption  less really can mean more.

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