Goals: Pt 2

We all have dreams, and that's all well and great. But there's a reason many dreams don't get accomplished-because we don't turn them in to goals!

"Goals are just dreams with deadlines." -Diana Scharf Hunt

Okay so that's the overly simplified version. Today we are going to turn our dreams into achievable goals and break them down so we have our roadmap for 2017!

This year when I set my goals I tried to really simplify and focus on more areas of my life than just work. We also have our physical and emotional health; our social life; our relationships; and our financial health to consider. Balance is very important, as I learned in 2016! My goals that year were many and had everything to do with work. While I certainly accomplished a lot, and have many reasons to celebrate, I don't feel I quite the hit mark as often as I would like. My personal life also suffered greatly. 

This year I am focusing on two major goals. One having to do with CYL, the other having to do with my personal well-being. Within those goals, there are micro goals and milestones to reach. So in essence I have more than two goals, but there are two major goals in which all the smaller goals stem from. This approach will keep me more focused (and sane) throughout the year! It also is going to increase my chances of reaching said goals.

I suggest setting no more than 2-3 major goals for the year. We will then break those down into manageable, and measurable chunks. By the end you will have yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and even some daily goals!

Below you will find your worksheets to map out your goals for the year. Please keep in mind that not all members get access to these worksheets with their member levels. They are for your level of membership only. If you have a Squad Bud you will also find a worksheet to share with your bud. Wednesday evening we will be having a discussion to go over our goals!


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