Goals: Pt I

I'm going to say something that might sound slightly counter-intuitive considering we are spending this month focusing on setting goals for the coming year. When you are setting goals the most important thing isn't necessarily achieving your goals, but instead it's what you do to achieve those goals and who you become during the process.

You may not hit the mark every time, but in even trying you grow and challenge yourself. You can't help but become better while trying to achieve your goals.

Without goals we don't have long-term vision and it's easy to become bogged down in the present obstacles and hurdles life is throwing our way. We set goals to have something to strive for. We may or may not achieve them, but we are better for having them.

For the past few weeks we have been taking some important steps towards setting solid goals. We spent time evaluating and reflecting on our previous year. We assessed our current situation and created a baseline to decide where we want to go from here. We talked about our values and what we want. We set a clear intent about how we want to live out the next year.

Now we are going to lay down that path so we have our roadmap and can better ourselves on our way to our dreams.

If you haven't done those first steps, I suggest going back and taking time to review the blog posts from earlier this month. Otherwise, you are ready to move on!

Your goals should be SMART-or specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive! 



Vague goals produce vague results. 

I want to eat healthier.

Great have a head of broccoli and technically you just ate healthier! Nope. Doesn't work. 

I want to learn to balance my work and personal life, so I can take weekends off and have brunch and bottomless Bloody Mary's with my girlfriends.

There you go girl boss! That's specific.



Your goals should be trackable! You know that feeling when you reach a milestone? That exhilaration that motivates you to push further? Yeah, that is why we make measurable goals! So we can track our progress, stay on the right path, and have mini-milestones to celebrate!

Important things to ask to know if your goal is measurable:

How much? How many? How will I know if I've achieved my goal?



One of the reasons people lose steam on chasing down their goals is because they set a goal so far out of their visualization field that it becomes unattainable. Think about how you are going to break down your goal and is it something you can move and grow towards. Can you see yourself reaching that goal? You need to be able to see yourself growing and heading towards your goals.



In order for  a goal to be realistic, or real, you have to know you are willing and able to work towards it. You can have high goals that are realistic. If there is real passion and conviction behind your goals, even the highest bar can be reached! Again, just answer yourself truthfully, are you ready to put in the work and do you have the tools or access to them?



Every goal should have a deadline. I have found that if I don't impose a deadline on something it will probably never get done. The same goes for your goals. If you want to accomplish something, set a date.

Do you want to run a marathon? Great! Sign up for one in the future and commit to that deadline.


I also suggest sharing your goals! If you have an accountability buddy, this is exactly what they are for! When someone else knows what you are chasing down, they get to ask where you are in the process and have you done what you said you are going to. You are now accountable to them. If you didn't sign up for a Squad Bud, reach out in our Facebook group asking for help, or find a friend or family member you can share you goals and goal plan with!


Coming up we will be setting our goals and using worksheets to write out our plans. There will also be activities to work on with your Squad Bud.

Grace GulleyJanuary