Tracking and Crushing Your Goals

This past month we have spent a lot of time setting the foundation and groundwork and creating real goals, SMART goals. 

To recap, we have:


Whether you are just starting out with your creative business, or have been at this for years, this exercise of assessing where you are at and creating goals and a plan to move forward should be something you do regularly. 


As we move into our next lessons, it’s important to keep revisiting your goals and track your progress. I’d love to share a few tools to help you do so!



For those that are to-do-list junkies, this is a great tool. It allows you to easily track larger projects, and break them down into smaller tasks with deadlines. AHEM! Great for those long-term goals! It also is a great tool to use when you are collaborating with others. 



I know many of you are already big fans of Evernote, but I think it’s worth mentioning. It is a great tool to organize your ideas, inspirations, and notes. You can synch your desktop and iPhone version of this app as well.



A very clean and simple task manager.



This tool is an all-in-one. Great for tracking goals, forming and breaking habits!



I love this one, the idea is you sign up and get email reminders to check in and see if you are on-track!



This application is a great tool to use for building habits!



Speaking of breaking habits and monitoring our productivity, this time tracker will help you assess where you are spending the majority of your time so you can make the changes necessary to keep you on-task!


And for those of you with an accountability buddy (or if you just want to find a friend to do this with) I suggest hopping on Google Drive and creating a shared folder. In it write down your major goals for the year. Break those down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Once a week jump on a call with your buddy to review each other’s sheets and discuss what progress has been made. 


If you utilize some of these tools and create an accountability system you are much more likely to actually see real growth and move forward this year.

Good luck all and see you next month for our February Focus!


Grace GulleyJanuary