Why I Went into Business

Since we are getting very personal in today's post, I'm going to jump in first and share my backstory.

Before CYL, I was living in Los Angeles and working my ass off. I worked in post-production photography and had 12-16 hour studio and shoot days. My body was constantly achy from the long hours at a computer, and my eyes were suffering. The photographer I worked with had boundless energy, and seemed to not be phased by the insane hours. I developed a complex, and thought perhaps it was a problem with my work ethic since apparently others could keep up with this pace. 

I decided to leave it all behind, and ran away to Oregon. In my mind, my new life would be waterfalls and greenery. This pace was much more tolerable. But a new problem came up, for the first time exhaustion and depletion weren't dulling my thoughts. It was then I realized I wasn't fulfilled by my life. And I felt incredibly disconnected and lonely. Within a few days of that realization, I grabbed the handle @cylcollective and jumped in with both feet.

The original intent was to perhaps make a friend or two, learn what other people are passionate about and maybe figure out my own life.

Oh boy, I was in for a ride!

Quickly I learned that I had a passion for connecting people and helping others realize and explore their own passions. I was once again putting in insane hours, but this time it was my dream I was building, not someone else's. And while I am not a proponent of burning the candle on both ends and sacrificing personal well-being, I knew that my willingness to do so meant I was on to something. I had found my purpose.


I continue to run CYL because:


I believe that life should be something we are excited about.

I believe that we can create a life that makes us look forward to getting out of bed and starting the day.

I believe that when we are happy with our own lives that trickles down and inspires others to also find satisfaction in life.

I believe without people none of it means anything. 


And that is my why. 


There are days where I have a hard time feeling motivated. I feel like this just isn't working and I have failed. I start to think I should throw in the towel. It's on those days I make sure to think about where I was before this and why I started CYL. Reminding myself of why I do this, the larger picture, helps put things in perspective and to pull me out of my funk.


I've created a worksheet, which you can download below, to help you explore your reasonings for starting down the entrepreneur path. And hopefully this will be a constant reminder to pull you through harder times and keep the momentum rolling.

Grace GulleyFebruary