Business Plan: Pt 2

Earlier this week in part one of our business plans post we debunked a few myths surrounding business plans. We also talked a little about why every business should have a plan. Today we are going to prepare and chat about you’ll need to gather before we all write our own on Monday!


Here are some questions to ponder and begin answering. For now just get the information down and start your research. 


Who are we as a company?


What is our mission?


What problem are we solving?


How are getting it done? Or how do we operate?


How do we reach our customers?


What is our customer’s decision-making process?


Who else is doing this?


What research have I done to know that people want what I have?


Is this long lasting? Or am I riding a trend?


Is this profitable?


What resources and money do I need to accomplish our goals?


To answer some of these you will need to revisit your goals and objectives, which we spent plenty of time working out last month. I would also suggest outlining your financial needs. 


All of this will end being far more comprehensive than your end business plan-which will be much more polished put together. BUT the pre-work is just going to leave you with an even clearer vision of your path as you set out tackle the year and make your business rock!


Stay tuned for Monday when I will give you some templates to make your simplified, yet comprehensive, business plan.

Grace GulleyFebruary