Business Plan: Pt 3

We are now in the final of our three part series on business plans. 


In the first part I shared a bit of how CYL started with no plan and the evolution that lead me to create one.

We also debunked a few common myths. Including, that business plans are only for beginners, or those in pre-launch phase. Not true! You can create, revise, polish your business plan at any point in your company. They can be used to expand, get investors, prepare to bring on partners, etc… And other such myths.


In part two I posed some questions for you to start answering in detail. Some of them will have been considered in our January focus while we were goal building. And others may have been considered in our posts earlier this month when we wrote our mission statements. These answers are the foundation for building our very own business plan! Many of them you will find plug nicely into today's worksheets.

I have created two different worksheets. The first is a fully comprehensive worksheet, an extended business plan. The second is the business plan lite version-a simple one-pager!


And to close out our February focus at 2pm PST this afternoon, we will have our final discussion to wrap up what we learned this month. I'll have prompts to consider as we close out the month of mission statements, vision statements, and business plans!

Next months we delve into setting up shop. Feel free to check out the calendar to see what's coming up.


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