Polishing Up Your Presence

To close out the month we are doing a bit of an assessment. I'd like you to read through and consider these questions to see what areas you need to work on with your brand:


  • Do your mailers and packaging materials have your logo? 
  • Are they branded with your colors so there is consistency across all platforms? 
  • If there is copy, is it consistent with your brand voice and personality?
  • Is the contact information clear and easy to find? 
  • Do your materials speak to your brand? For instance, if you are a fine artist who is reaching a higher-end audience, brown kraft paper may not be the way to go.
  • Have you considered a company stamp or customized boxes for shipping? A customer instantly recognizing your logo when the mailman delivers is always exciting!
  • SHOWS/BOOTHS: If someone was standing in the aisle could they clearly identify who you are? If they were to photograph your booth and share the photo is there recognizability? Are you creating your booth with your branding in mine? Is the aesthetic of your booth and displays consistent with your online presence? 



  • Is your logo displayed immediately upon landing on the site?
  • Do you get a clear sense of your brand immediately upon landing on the site?
  • If someone came over from Instagram would they be able to see consistently and not worry they came to same new strange, foreign land?
  • Is your mission/about in a place that is easy to access?
  • Have you gently incorporated your stylesheet colors into your website?
  • Does your copy reflect your target market? Is it also clear? This includes product names!
  • Is your blog voice true to the brand personality? 
  • Is your brand represented as affectively as possible?



  • Are you considering your branded colors? For instance does your stylesheet includes shades of pink? Do you find ways on Instagram to keep a touch of pink in the top 9 of your feed? Can you use your logo with your branded color being as a profile picture? 
  • How does your bio read? Does it clearly state what you do? Is it too generic?
  • Have you thought about your brand personality? Is this reflected in your social media? Is your brand tone fun and quirky? Is this showcased through photo content? Is your brand very sophisticated and worldly? Make the content matches the tone!


And a little bonus material...



  • Is your content true to your brand and brand personality?
  • Is it the best quality it can be to encourage reposts?
  • Are you shooting in good light so your product is represented at its best?
  • Are you balancing the white in your photos to avoid strange color casts?
  • I highly advise NOT watermarking your photos on Instagram!


Last bit of advice, make sure you are being patient with your brand! While initially it may seem as if brands are MORE work to create and the easier thing to do is focus on product and orders, having a solidified brand will help you in the long run. It will create a loyal fan base that likes your brand and knows what to expect from you. It will attract attention of others. It will increase recognizability. The list goes on! Brands are not built overnight. So take the steps necessary, pay attention to how it's coming across, and revise where necessary.

Join us in the Facebook group today, April 26th at 4pm PST to have our final discussion on branding. We will be picking up from this post!

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