Where is a good place to start? 

Glad ya asked! I'd spend some time exploring the CYL Squad Dashboard, if you haven't already.  One of the biggest components of your membership is the community aspect. I can't recommend highly enough being active in the Facebook group. I understand a lot of people will not have time to check in daily, but even 3x's a week will build a sense of familiarity and allow you to gain the real benefits of this community. Feel free to use this space to ask questions about a problem you are having with your business, advice on where to get supplies, suggestions for improving your crafts, etc... And for those that are shy, or unsure what to post about, there will be prompts throughout the week to encourage conversation and engagement.

Another great way to stay involved is to watch our member's calendar for upcoming chats and events. Make yourself a presence in those! This is your community too, and it doesn't work without participation.


What is the best way to make the most of my membership?

The best thing you can do is get to know your fellow squad members! Interact in the Facebook Group, take advantage of your Flock benefits, participate in live chats, explore the Squad directory and follow along with their work and journey on their social media platforms.

I also suggest regularly reading the Squad Blog. This is the space I share lessons related to our monthly focus. You will also find extended blog posts with lots of information that will help your business, your social media presence, and sometimes your well being. 

You will find plenty of other things happening in the dashboard, and I do update all the Squad content pretty regularly. But the meat of the membership program really is your fellow members, access to Flock, and the lessons available on Squad Blog. These alone are worth far more than the monthly dues! Again, this doesn't need to be something that takes all of your time, I know we are all busy! A few hours a week will go a long way. Think of this as an investment in yourself and in your business. You will get out of it, what you put into it. 


What promotional opportunities come with my membership?

I try to save guest blog posts entirely for CYL Squad. Visit the contributor section to learn more about claiming a guest blog spot!  Along with the blog post and a permalink on the site, I usually create an IG post to support the post. So you will also get exposed to my 62k+ followers. 

I also generally share snippets from our Squad-led Discussions on the CYL IG feed. So this would be a great way for your fellow members to get to know you as well as to gain exposure via Instagram.

You should also keep an eye out on the calendar for upcoming events to get involved with. I tend to share and promote these events through my social media channels. 

You can also get creative and share your ideas with me! Use the form below if you would like to reach out.


Why have i not gotten any emails regarding my membership?

I use MailChimp to send out group emails and announcements. There are instances where mail clients do not receive these emails properly. Please add the cylcommunity.com domain, as well as the email hello@cylcommunity.com to your safe sender's list so you don't miss anything!


I want to cancel my membership.

Sad to see you go! But I know things happen sometimes. Monthly Membership options are for SIX FULL MONTHS and cannot be canceled before that point. Community is not created overnight, and only happens when all members are contributing. We ask for commitment so that all members have the best experience possible. A lot goes into making this community and enrolling new members, so it's also not feasible for CYL's member roster to be in constant flux. 

Again though, life happens! If you are within your first six months and have extenuating circumstances, I'm happy to hear you out. If you have been a member for longer than six months and would like to leave, I just ask for 30-day notice to facilitate. In order to initiate the process, please fill out this form.


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