Hello, my name is Grace Gulley.

Craft Your Life Collective was founded January 2015. What began as a small online space, has since grown into a large, vibrant community of strong, supportive women that span the globe.

The primary goal behind this community remains the same, to create a safe space where rad ladies, making and doing rad things, can come together to celebrate and empower one another.

The women in this community chase their passions: live generously and intentionally; are crafting their own lives; and deciding their own fate.

I started this community as a potential avenue in which to make some creative female friends, and rekindle my personal creative ambitions. It quickly turned into something far greater than imagined, and set me down a new life path. Through this community I have discovered my own voice and love of creating genuine connections. I have has also gained confidence in my potential and abilities, as well as built a network of amazing ladies and lasting friendships. My biggest hope is that this community can do for others what it has done for me. 

I continue to grow the CYL Community and create new opportunities to benefit the ladies that make up this community. Outside of CYL, I am an expert Scrabble player, an amateur hula hoop-er, and a mindfulness practitioner.